CASUAL 2021-2022


Padded Vest

DESCRIPTION: Padded winter gilet with side pockets
Exclusive casual t-shirt for sale online with a photograph of supporters raising their scarves in support of our team in a match played this season. 
Exclusive T-shirt for online sale with an original and modern design, simulating the two colours of the club in pantone squares.
Indispensable casual T-shirt with a small fragment of the anthem of our beloved club. I love you Espanyol.
CASUAL 2021-2022


Casual T-shirt with a modern, updated club logo. It shows the initials of Real Club Deportivo Espanyol, whose name refers to all the Catalans or those born in the rest of Spain who were members of the club, as opposed to the other teams (made up, for the most part, of English and other nationalities).
Casual T-shirt with the number 1900, year in which the club was founded with the name Sociedad Española de Football. This garment pays tribute to the Club for being one of the oldest soccer clubs in the Spanish League.
Casual T-shirt to show off our club's coat of arms. A coat of arms that has evolved over the years, and where the 3 central blue stripes of the original coat of arms, together with the crown due to the concession of the royal title, have been reproduced.
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