WRITERS: Varous.
LANGUAGE: Spanish / Catalan
YEAR: 2019
: 208
SYNOPSIS: Stories White and Blue 3. L´Espanyol and l´Espanyolisme  explained by its usual chroniclers.

"I can tell you that if that book became reality and we now offer the third edition, this is thanks to our dearset friends to whom we dedicate this edition. They are the inspiration, drivers and architects of, not only these stories in white and blue, but as well of the passion that we feel for l´Espanyol and the need to recover, with humility and a lot of energy, the Club story thanks to our battles. We would not understand l´Espanyol as we know it nowadays , without Juan Segura Palomares, Jordi Puyaltó, Carles Canut y Dámaso Perico. We miss you"

Ramón Álvarez

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